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MM~Dazzling Daydreamer 6058~Calypso’s Call

MM~Dazzling Daydreamer 6058~Calypso’s Call

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COLOR: 6058 CALYPSO'S CALL - sheer, soft white base with iridescent bluish shifting sparkles.

SIZE: 15ml



These gels are BRAND NEW and are an exclusive brand of The Mobile Manicurist. Our new Dazzling Daydreamer gels are very shimmery and have lots of razzle dazzle. They have as much shimmer and shine as a foil would, without having the hassle of applying transfer foil. Some of the colors are opaque and some are very transparent. Nearly all of these gels have a noticeable color shift like a chameleon gel would. Please make sure to read the color description above very carefully and see the images for more detail.


60 second cure time under UV Lamp. Cure time may be longer if you have an older lamp.

Apply two coats for best color results.

Top coat for longest wear.

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